Meet the Founder

DeHeavalyn Pullium is a licensed marriage and family therapist, educator, and diversity & inclusion consultant. She is passionate about helping people experience greater alignment between the life they are living, and the life they envision for themselves.

DeHeavalyn completed her Master of Science in Family Therapy at the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2016, and has a private practice based in Seattle, WA. Through her work, DeHeavalyn has seen the effectiveness of self-reflection and journaling as a tool to live a value-driven life that honors one’s time, relationships, and personal growth.

As the Founder of Musingly, LLC, DeHeavalyn has combined her love of journaling with her desire to increase access to culturally adaptive mental health services.

The Vision


To inspire humanity to "Live Life Musingly." To live an empowered and value-driven life that is guided by a regular practice of deep reflection and thought.


Guided by therapeutic expertise, musingly is a go-to source for mental health tools that support a value driven life.

Core Values:

Wellness, empowerment, and generosity.

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  • Wellness

    Individual and collective healing matters. At Musingly we believe that the foundation of an empowered and value-driven life is a regular practice of reflection. Musingly journals support reflective practices that impact wellness in your time, personal growth, and relationships. These wellness tools can be used alone, in partnership with a counselor or coach, and in group settings.

  • Empowerment

    You can experience greater alignment between the life you are living, and the life you envision for yourself. Our focus on personal growth, relationships, and time is intentional. When we become clear about the vision we have for our personal development and our community, we can more effectively invest our time in experiences that actively fulfill those goals. Musingly journals will help you to create the vision. You have the power to live it out.

  • Generosity

    There is no limit to what a community of reflective and generous humans can do together! A portion of Musingly profits will contribute donations to programs that increase access to representative, culturally adaptive, and affordable mental health services for members of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities who have been traditionally underrepresented in the mental health field.

Events & Groups

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Discernment groups for relationships


Teach healthy relationship dynamics to teens


Develop time management strategies for academic success


Encourage self-care and boundary-setting for student leaders


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